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<h1>Bookkeeping services, accounts preparation, website and print design for Grassington and Skipton from AKBS</h1> <h1>Book-keeping services</h1> <p>Every business, no matter how large or small, is required by law to 'keep books'. This involves the recording of the financial transactions of a business, whether manually into ledgers or by entering everything onto a computer.</p> <p>If, however, you'd rather use your time achieving your own goals and would prefer not to spend your precious hours struggling with necessary but complicated paperwork then contact us to see how we can help.</p> <p>We provide a range of services including accounts, payroll, tax returns, VAT returns, management accounts, monthly accounts, and PAYE, among other services.</p><p>Whether your requirements are a simple listing of income and expenditure or a full bookkeeping and VAT service we can look after this very necessary part of your business.</p> <p>We can cater for most types of small business and will tailor our service to your own particular requirements.</p> <p>Whatever your business you can rest assured that your records are accurately maintained and in a format accepted by accountants, companies' house and the inland revenue.</p><h1>Website design</h1> <p>From simple sites to tailor-made designs, whatever your requirements are, we can help to create your internet presence.</p> <p>We are flexible to your needs and work with you to understand what you want from your website and can suggest ways in which you can achieve your goals.</p> <p>We can, of course, arrange your domain name, site hosting and set up your email boxes to suit your requirements.</p><p>Do you already have a website, but you not have the time to keep it up to date?&nbsp; Would it benefit from a make-over or a complete redesign?</p> <p>With regular maintenance, you could have company, industry or legal information added to your site while it's still news!<p> <p>Just send us the information and we can take care of the rest - it really can be that simple!</p> <p>If you'd rather use your time achieving your own goals and would prefer not to spend time updating and maintaining your site, contact us to find out how you can benefit from our effective, affordable, high-quality website design.</p><h1>Accounting services</h1> <p>Annual returns, profit and loss account, balance sheet, debtors and creditors reports - all of the information you require to keep your business in shape.</p> <p>Paperwork can be dealt with monthly, quarterly, annually (weekly if required) and of course your VAT returns, if you are VAT registered, will be submitted on time.</p> <p>At your financial year-end we will produce all necessary summaries and detailed reports and will liase with your accountant.</p><p>We can provide</p> <ul><li>Accounting for VAT - Preparation of VAT returns reports.</li> <li>Credit Control - Detailed reports of debtors which helps you ensure that you keep your cash flowing.</li> <li>End of year reports - profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statements.</li></ul><h1>Print design</h1> <p>We can design and supply letterheads and envelopes in one colour to full colour printing with business cards to match.</p> <p>Allow us to design your business stationery to complement your website design.</p> <p>Supply us with your company logo or we can design one for you.<p>Our printers can supply a wide variety of paper style, textures, colours and weights.</p> <p>Mailshots, leaflets, flyers - even postcards, can provide a useful marketing tool to keep you in contact with your customers.</p> <p>Whatever your requirements, talk to us to discuss everything from design to printing.</p><p>Lane Ends Barn,&nbsp;Buckden,&nbsp;Skipton.&nbsp;BD23&nbsp;5JA<br> for more information, call Karen or Alan on 01756&nbsp;761357 or email us at <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> <!-- // eMail Obfuscator Script 2.1 by Tim Williams - freeware { coded = "" cipher = "aZbYcXdWeVfUgThSiRjQkPlOmNnMoLpKqJrIsHtGuFvEwDxCyBzA1234567890" shift=coded.length link="" for (i=0; i<coded.length; i++){ if (cipher.indexOf(coded.charAt(i))==-1){ ltr=coded.charAt(i) link+=(ltr) } else { ltr = (cipher.indexOf(coded.charAt(i))-shift+cipher.length) % cipher.length link+=(cipher.charAt(ltr)) } } document.write("<a href='mailto:"+link+"'>"+link+"</a>") } //--> </script> </p> <noscript> <p>Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to email me.</p> </noscript>